FIRST YEAR:- (Certificate in Pain Management & Acupuncture).
Three subjects per quarter (trimester).

Trimester 1

A) Acupuncture: Organs & functions.

B) Anatomy I

C) Neuro Anatomy 1

Trimester 2

A) Acupuncture channels & points.

B) Neuro Anatomy (Continued).

C) Physiotherapy Exercises.

Trimester 3 : Introduction to MRI

A) Acupuncture needling techniques and case studies.

B) Introduction to X-Ray.

C) Biomechanics.

Trimester 4

A) The treatment of external diseases using Acupuncture.

B) Introduction to MRI.

C) Specific treatment of painful conditions.

SECOND YEAR: – (Diploma in Pain, Paralysis & Acupuncture)

Trimester 1

A) Five Elements of Acupuncture.

B) Physiotherapy Exercises I.

C) Applied orthopedics.

Trimester 2

A) Case studies in Acupuncture

B) Physiotherapy Exercises II : Neuro.

C) Fundamentals of ortho and Neuro Surgery.

Trimester 3 : Introduction to MRI

A) Extraordinary channels in Acupuncture.

B) Stroke recovery.

C) Applied Physiotherapy in cardio thoracic conditions.

Trimester 4

A) Treatment of common western diseases in Acupuncture.

B) Biomedical Acupuncture:- Trigger points and dry needling.

C) Holistic treatment of Stroke.

THIRD YEAR: – (Post Diploma in Pain, Paralysis & Acupuncture)

Trimester 1

A) Advance Acupuncture: – Tan and Tung.

B) Auricular Acupuncture.

C) Pathology.

Trimester 2

A) Case studies in Advance Acupuncture.

B) Scalp Acupuncture.

C) Pharmacology.

Trimester 3 : Introduction to MRI

A) Micro Acupuncture and Sujok.

B) I Ching Acupuncture.

C) Medicine.

Trimester 4

A) Japanese Acupuncture.

B) Miscellaneous topics in Acupuncture.

C) Nutrition and its role in pain & paralysis management.


  • Students who are appearing in their class 10th board exams or passed out can also apply for Diploma courses in Acupuncture and Physiotherapy.
  • The aggregate score of the candidate in class 10th board exams must be at least 50%.
  • Students who are just passed 12th standard of Science Stream.
  • Those persons / housewife’s / educated unemployed who are interested in learning Acupuncture and Physiotherapy Diploma courses may also join these courses.